The weather in early June has been faultless (beginning to tail off now) providing the perfect opportunity to get some late evening shots (about 8 pm) of Durham city. This first batch is from around the cathedral.

Palace Green

View of the cathedral and the almshouses (far left) from Palace Green–the heart of historic Durham.

Cathedral central tower

Close up of the central cathedral tower

Cathedral  main entrance

Main (northern) entrace to the the cathedral. The round arches are characteristic of the solid Norman architecture that sets the tone of the building.

Cathedral close

The Close is a little world apart to the south of the cathedral.

Dark entry

The magnificently named Dark Entry leads from the riverside paths into the Cathedral Close.

Cathedral from South Street

A classic view of the west face of the cathedral: lit by low evening sun from a viewpoint on South Street (which has property prices to match the view…)

Durham views: Cathedral