Pictures from the same batch as the previous post.

Castle from Milburngate
Classic view of Durham castle (with the cathedral visible behind) from the Milburngate bridge [54 46 41 N, 1 34 40 W].

New appartments

One of several apartment blocks in construction in central Durham, “Freemans Quay” replaces the scruffy Walkergate car park. As well as bringing extra life into the town centre (and not just the drinking circuits), the architecture is also a vast improvement on the 70’s concrete piles on the opposite side of the river (the Passport Office and National Insurance buildings).

Millenium Place

Millenium Place [54 46 41 N, 1 34 30 W] is the centre of Millenium project to regenerate the Claypath region of the city which had been isolated from the city centre by road developments in the 60’s and 70’s. The associated Gala development has suffered from early weak management and strange initial choices (did Durham really need an Imax cinema?), but now seems to be finding its feet.


The Crossgate area [54 46 34 N, 1 34 53 W] is a charming island of Georgian urban layout with parallel side streets separated from the main carriageway (which was presumbly filthy with mud and dung in the 18th Century).

Durham views: city centre