A first batch of photos from the August Bank Holiday visiting EH in in Sheffield. Given its past as a centre of steel industry and its size (the 4th largest city area in England after London, Birmingham and Leeds), Sheffield is a surprisingly green city and has the rare advantage of being located right next to a National Park (the Peak District).

ShefBotanical1 ShefBotanical2

Views of Shieffield’s Botanical Garden, which has been extensively restored over the past few years [53 22 20 N, 1 29 56 W].

ShefBotanicalGlassHouse ShefBotanicalCacti

Outside and in the modest, but perfectly formed, Victorian glasshouse.


Westbourne Road [53 22 24 N, 1 30 5 W] in the Broomhill area – one of Sheffield’s more upmarket neighbourhoods:

” I thought of the leafy district of Broomhill on the western heights of Sheffield, where gabled black stone houses rise above the ponticums and holly, and private cast-iron lamp-posts light the gravelled drives. Greek, Italian, Gothic, they stand in winding tree-shaded roads, these handsome mansions of the Victorian industrialists who made their pile from steel and cutlery in the crowded mills below. They lived in what is still the prettiest suburb in England.”

John Betjeman

Sheffield I