First batch of photos from a weekend in Paris staying with Dimitri following my week in Lyon.


Looking across the Seine towards la Tour Eiffel and Parc du Champs-de-Mars extending to the Ecole Militaire in the background [48 51 43 N, 2 17 20 E]. In the foreground is an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TGV. After enjoying quick, smooth and comfortable rides to Lyon and back during the week, the French pride in the TGV seemed entirely justified.


The queues at all the popular Paris sites were horrendous (there was even a queue to get into Notre Dame). Tip for next time: reserve a ticket in advance e.g. for the Musée d’Orsay.

ParisTourEiffelBW reduced ParisTourEiffel2

Confronted by its scale and raw structural nature compared to the surrounding elegant buildings, it’s hardly surprising that the Eiffel Tower [48 51 30 N, 2 17 40 E] was seen as a monstrosity at its inception.


Main entrance of Notre Dame de Paris [48 51 11 N, 2 20 59 E]. After having become very run down in the early 19th Century, the cathedral has been heavily restored, to the point where the front is looking so clean it could be something out of Disneyworld…


Flying buttresses at the rear, helping to keep the building standing.

Le Souk
(Friday), Pères et Filles (Saturday).

Paris in September I