The weather in December has been decidedly variable, but we had glorious blue skies for a trip to High and Low Force, two waterfalls on the River Tees (“force” is derived from the Viking word for waterfall).

Blue sky

High Force

Upriver of High Force [54 39 2 N, 2 11 11 W]. With the low winter sun, the waterfall itself was in deep shadow and not very photogenic.

Tees valley

View of the Tees valley.


A fine but rather unusual example of a “two tone” dry stone wall.

Low Force 1
Low Force 2 Low Force 3

Although not as dramatic as its larger cousin up river, the series of cascades making up Low Force [54 38 45 N, 2 9 2 W] makes for a magnificent riverside walk.

Winter in Teesdale