The Highgate development of flats and houses was completed in 2004 but could easily be mistaken for long-established part of Durham city. Its design has won from praise from CABE and the fiercely-protective City of Durham Trust amongst others.


Highgate Mews

Although these garages-as-stables is borderline pastiche to my eyes…

Tenter Terrace

Another fine part of Durham: Tenter Terrace from the footbridge across to the railway station, with St. Godric’s to the left and Durham Castle in the background on the right.
No. 6 is about halfway down, neatly in the shadow of “Tenter Cottage”. The first house is the street is actually No. 2; the pub at the end of the street was demolished in the 1960s to make way for the A690. “Tenter” derives from “tenter frames” used in cloth production in days long before the street was built in the mid 19th C (see history).

Highgate and Tenter Terrace