Donated by the Bishop of Durham to the newly-founded university of the mid 19th century, Great High Wood [54 45 36 N, 1 34 21 W] has been gradually encroached upon by university buildings but is still a calm area of hilly deciduous woodland just to the south of the city.

Great High Wood

Fallen tree

Fallen tree on the route of the old wagon-way [54 45 27 N, 1 34 14 W] that connected the small collieries of Croxdale, Houghall and Shincliffe. It was from such wagon-ways in the North-East of England that the modern railway originated.


In contrast, alpacas (or possibly llamas?) are not native to County Durham…

Spring buds

Daffodills Gorse

Signs of Spring: buds on trees, daffodils and gorse flowers.

Hallgarth street

End of the tour: view down Hallgarth street from Mountjoy hill [54 46 4 N, 1 34 1 W].

Great High Wood