Pictures from the free afternoon of the Alpine Conference in Chamonix.


The walk from the Plan de l’Aiguille cable car stop [45 54 6 N, 6 53 5 E] to the Mer de Glace [45 55 55 N, 6 55 3 E] is an easy, but spectacular stroll. Hints: the return to the Plan de l’Aiguille is valid for the return journey on the train journey from the Mer de Glace to Chamonix (le petit train de Montenvers). The refuge Plan de l’Aiguille is a very civilised coffee / hot chocolate stop…


View towards the Brévent side of the Chamonix valley.


Where the path divides, it is worth taking the longer (and more uphill) route via Le Signal.


The spectacular Aiguille du Dru. There have been several major rockfalls of the Drus in recent years; a scar of lighter, less weathered rock is clearly visible in the picture.


The Mer de Glace glacier.


View of Mont Blanc from the hotel room in the Hotel Mont Blanc (an upgrade due to overbooking!). From this perspective Mont Blanc (on the right) at 4695 m appears lower than the Aiguille du Midi (far left) at 3842 m.


Paraglider hovering high about the Chamonix valley. One day perhaps…

Chamonix 2007