A set of pictures around the Saône and Vieux Lyon.


The church of St. Paul [45 45 59 N, 4 49 36 E]


One of the Vélo’v stations scattered around the city centre. Vélo’v is an urban bike rental scheme started in 2005 which has proved popular and a similar scheme has recently been started in Paris (the ultimate flattery in France).


The Fourvière basilica [45 45 45 N, 4 49 20 E], built 1872-1884 in honour of the Virgin Mary in thanks for Lyon being spared invasion by the Prussians in 1870. The interior is ”ornate” to say the least, and a strong contrast to the plain St. Jean cathedral at the foot of the hill.


Fourvière radio transmitter. Constructing it as a mini version of the Eiffel tower seems an odd choice!


Partially restored Roman ampitheatre [45 45 35 N, 4 49 11 E]


Passerelle (foot-bridge) Saint Georges (Saône) at night [45 45 25 N, 4 49 37 E].


View across the Saône towards the cathedral and the basilica.


Views around the beautiful Ile Barbe – a tiny island in the middle of the Saône to the north of the city centre.

Lyon airport – Lyon-Saint Exupéry

LyonSatolas LyonSatolas2 LyonSatolasTGV3LyonSatolasTGV2

Exterior and interior views of the attached TGV station [45 43 16 N, 5 4 34 E].

Lyon 2007 Saône