A set of photos from early November around Maiden Castle.


Sports field at the Maiden Castle sports centre [54 46 2 N, 1 33 31 W]. Maiden Castle itself is a hill fort (thought to date from the Iron Age) on the south-east approach to Durham (the edge of the tree-covered mound is visible on the left).


Any ideas what this tree is? The Sports Centre is in the background of the picture. I step inside usually just once a year to invigilate exams!


River Wear around Maiden Castle. Also reveals a strange parallel universe in which people volunteer to spend Sunday afternoons playing sport.


The intriguing Old Durham farm. The formal gardens are heavily overgrown but show up clearly in satellite images [54 46 17 N, 1 33 17 W] .


Trees around Old Durham.


The remains of a bridge across the Wear which brought a railway line in to the former Elvet railway station.


Signs of the times: new bridges are more likely to be cycle and pedestrian bridges.


Woodland path skirting around the hill of Maiden Castle.

Maiden Castle