Rainton Park Wood is a small area of deciduous woodland which adjoins the River Wear to the north of Durham.

Raintonwood entrance

Entrance to footpath leading to the wood [54 48 29 N, 1 30 58 W]. The wood is split by a major road and is only really interesting once across the footbridge over the A1(M).

Raintonwood LC

Level crossing over the disused Leamside Line, once part of the East Coast Main Line between London and Edinburgh.

Raintonwood steps

Steps down towards the riverside section.

Raintonwood Wear

River Wear.

Raintonwood bridge

Firmly closed off bridge across the Wear [54 48 39 N, 1 32 6 W]. The structure carries a pipeline over the river and it’s not clear whether it has ever been a right of way.

Raintonwood cliffs

River side “cliffs”.

Raintonwood stream2 Raintonwood ivytree Raintonwood steps2

Although hardly “exposed” by mountain standards, the steps up from the river climb a bank between the river on the left and a deep gill on the right.

Raintonwood beechgrove

Beech grove and unexpected area of heath in the middle of the wood.

Rainton Park Wood