Two short sets of photos (cut short by dodgy batteries).


Across the river Wear from Wolsingham, St. John’s [54 41 53 N, 1 53 23 W] is at the end of a narrow road leading up the south side of the valley.


Abandoned farmhouse [54 41 53 N, 1 52 56 W], marked as “Ruddy Carr” on the OS map.

StJohnsTrack StJohnsHouse

St. John’s Hall [54 42 1 N, 1 53 41 W] is not so derelict, but also appears to be unoccupied. Although the site has a much longer history, the main building and surrounding landscaping look to date from the 1920-30’s.


Hadrian’s Wall west of Steel Rigg. The classic and highly recommended Hadrian’s Wall walk is from the small car park at Steel Rigg [55 0 11 N, 2 23 28 W], past Crag Lough and east to the fort at Housesteads (Vercovicium). The wall is much less well preserved in the westerly direction. The weather was poor and the wind ferocious, so imagine what it was like for Roman soldiers patrolling this desolate northernmost limit of the empire!


View towards Steel Rigg and Crag Lough.


Frazer’s Hush [54 47 40 N, 2 10 25 W], a disused fluorite mine. Now deserted except for sheep, this area of Weardale was once busy with mines (principally lead). Apparently there is still plenty of fluorite to be found in the tailings.

St. John’s & Hadrian’s Wall