A set of pictures from the Claypath / Gilesgate area (north and east of the centre of Durham)



The Gala theatre / Walkergate complex [54 46 46 N, 1 34 32 W]. The “cultural” (theatre, library) parts of the complex were developed as a Millenium project, but the development has continued for several years to include up-market appartments, and a host of dining and drinking establishments.


Claypath [54 46 46 N, 1 34 32 W] was formerly the easterly route from the city centre.


Leazes Place – a Regency-style brick terrace dating from the 1830s.


Not a great advert for the Great British construction worker – a building company priding itself on only employing industrious Polish migrant workers!


Gilesgate was once a distinct settlement associated with church and hospital of St Giles. The green gives it a distinct village atmosphere.


St. Giles church [54 46 41 N, 1 33 37 W].


Displaced 18th C gravestone.  An appropriate end point for the tour!

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