A short set of pictures from a walk with a group from church starting from Allensford [54 50 48 N, 1 52 49 W] on the River Derwent. The weather was rather overcast, so the photo record is rather sparse.



The white flowering plant in the foreground was wild angelica – flowers and stems have a curious liquorice/aniseed flavour.


Hownsgill (railway) viaduct. The use of pale brick rather than stone is unusual. The Stanhope & Tyne railway is long gone, but the deck is now a magnificent high-level footpath.


Marsh Marigold growing on the reclaimed site of the Consett steelworks. The iron and steelworks, which employed 6000 at its height, closed in 1980, ripping the heart out of this industrial town.


A nice example of a sulphur polypore. Also known as “chicken of the woods”, it apparently tastes of lemony chicken…