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SPB KazanExterior

The exterior of Kazan cathedral [59 56 3 N, 30 19 28 E] with its wide colonnades resembles a Roman imperial building rather than a place of worship.

SPB KazanCathedral

Sound clip of service in Kazan cathedral (WAV format).

SPB SpilledBlood1
SPB SpilledBlood2 SPB SpilledBlood3

The architectural riot that is the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood [59 56 24 N, 30 19 44 E] was built as a memorial on the site of the assassination of tsar Alexander II in 1881.

SPB StIsaacsCollonade

The dome of St Isaac’s Cathedral [59 56 3 N, 30 18 22 E] has a handy colonnade which gives great views of the city (at least on a nice day).

SPB Restoration

View from the colonnade. No doubt with coffers swollen by oil money, lots of restoration work was going on. From this view you can see that many of the impressive buildings are actually built of brick with plaster facings in the form of stonework.

SPB Peterhof

The Peterhof is a collection of palaces and gardens, just outside St Petersburg, which was originally laid out by Peter the Great. The Summer Palace (above) is a relatively modest affair.

SPB PeterhofMainCascade

The Grand Cascade beneath the Grand Palace. The sculpture in the foreground of Samson and the lion (Judges 14) symbolically represents the Russian defeat of Sweden in the Great Northern War.

SPB PeterhofCostume

It was noticeable that tourism was essentially aimed at Russians. The costumed figures presumably represent Peter and Catherine; we can only guess what Lenin would have made of all this…

St Petersburg III