A set of photos from a visit to (a small fraction of) the State Hermitage Museum.

SPB HermitageQueue

Queue for entry. At this point in the afternoon, the waiting was less than an hour (thank goodness for MP3 players). In the mornings it can be significantly longer.

SPB HermitageEntrance

The museum is often-confusing complex of linked buildings centred on the Winter Palace. This is one of the side “entrances”.

SPB Hermitage1SPB HermitageJordanStaircase

The Jordan staircase of the Winter Palace.

SPB Hermitage2

SPB Hermitage3

SPB Hermitage4

SPB HermitagePortraits

The building housing the collection is as stunning as some of works presented.

SPB HermitageAncient

The art collections (including the impressive post-impressionist collection) were very busy. Other collections, such as the ancient artifacts on the ground floor of the Winter Palace, were practically deserted.

SPB MikhailovichPalace

The Russian National Museum, housed in the Mikhailovich Palace, is worth a visit (especially as its scale is more manageable).

SPB Painting

It was noticeable that the male figures in Renaissance pictures were generally very well sculpted. This chap was practically tubby compared to a nearby picture of the Prodigal Son, who had clearly wasted his substance on gym membership rather than wine and women…

St Petersburg V (Hermitage)