Pictures from a walk along Derwent Edge in the Peak District.

Ladybower reservoir

View towards the northern branch of Ladybower reservoir.

Wheel stones Wheel stones

The Wheel Stones [53 23 36 N, 1 41 52 W].

View from Back Tor Back Tor View from Back Tor

Views from Back Tor [53 24 55 N, 1 42 15 W].

Mam Tor land slip

Mam Tor is not known as the “Shivering Mountain” without reason. This section [53 20 52 N, 1 48 13 W] of the A625 was plagued by land slips and was abandoned in 1979.

Winnats Pass

The route was diverted through Winnats Pass [53 20 24 N, 1 47 50 W]. (The picture has come out reasonably well given that it was taken through the windscreen of a car on the move.)

Derwent Edge