Photos from a walk (ODL) in late September starting at Riding Mill [54 56 52 N, 1 58 24 W] in Northumberland.

RidingMill Plantation

RidingMill Woods2

Woodland around the tiny hamlet of Healey [54 55 16 N, 1 58 42 W].

There was such an abundance of interesting fungi to be photographed that I had to come back the following week to do them justice.

RidingMill Puffballs

Group of fungi from the Lycoperdon family, probably the common puffball.

RidingMill ParadeRidingMill Unident RidingMill Unident3

Unidentified species.
A collection of polypores:

RidingMill ZonedPolypore

Many-zoned polypore, trametes versicolor, growing on a tree stump.

RidingMill Polypore

Birch polypore, or razor strop fungus.

RidingMill Polyporebranch

Probably grey polypore, bjerkandera adusta.

RidingMill Lichen

Fruiting bodies of lichen.

RidingMill VictoriaSponge

Niall had again insisted on baking and bringing a Victoria sponge, baking tin and all…

Riding Mill