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Continuing to catch up with the backlog, a set of pictures from Holystone woods taken in early October.  The original plan had been to visit to Cragside (below), but ths ite was closed due to high winds.  Closing the grounds seemed fair enough, but not allowing visitors to the house because it was a bit windy seemed very overcautious (no doubt “health and safety” back covering).


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Holystone Woods

Pictures from a couple of walks in woodland keeping an eye out for interesting fungi.


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Autumn Woods

Pictures from the 6th Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR held in September in Chamonix-Mont Blanc.


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Chamonix 2009

Pictures from a weekend away (ODL) on the Northumberland coast at the Tackroom bunkhouse, Beadnell in early September.

BamburghCoast2 BamburghCoast

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Pictures from a couple of walks (ODL) in the North York Moors in July and August.

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North York Moors

Pictures from a couple of trips to the coast north and south of the mouth of the Tyne.  Plus pictures from the Miner’s Gala and the Angel of the North.

July: South


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Coast + Miner’s Gala

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