Pictures from a walk along Frankland Lane (north Durham) on a crisp November afternoon.

FranklandLane2 1 FranklandLaneSheep 1

BrassideAnimalsFeeding 1

RouteBlocked 1

Route blocked!

Bullrushes 1 BrassidePond 1

Brasside Pond [54 48 2 N, 1 32 42 W] is an artificial lake created by excavation of clay for the adjacent brick works. The brick works and the branch line serving it are long closed. Apparently it is now a good place for carp fishing.

FranklandPrison 1

Frankland prison is a medium/high security facility which butts onto the Pond. Note that there is also accommodation for guests of Her Majesty within Durham city itself.

FranklandLaneGrasses 1 GrassCloseup 1

Grasses by the side of the lane on the return leg. Note silhouette of Durham cathedral in the background.

Thistle 1

Frankland Lane