The first of a series of photo sets from a few days in Stockholm either side of a small conference outside of Stockholm.  This first set is based around the historic heart of the city, Gamla Stan (the Old Town).


Stockholm is built on a collection of islands.  This is a view from Helgeandsholmen on which the Swedish parliament building is sited.


The tiny island of Riddarholmen contains largely historic, administrative buildings, giving it a strangely deserted feel.


Riddarholmskyrkan is a historic church on Riddarholmen with a striking 19th century cast iron spire.


Survey datum on Riddarholmen which was the historic reference point for Sweden.


The Royal Palace from the wide sloping boulevard of Slottsbacken.


View from Slottsbacken towards the Opera House.


Changing of the Guards at the Royal Palace.


The Baroque-styled interior of the German Church.


Statue of the St. George and the dragon.


The main square of Stortorget, looking towards the Swedish Academy building.  Stortorget was the site of a notorious purge of the Swedish elite in 1520 following a Danish invasion under Christian II.


The characteristic narrow cobbled streets of Gamla Stan.  By the late Middle Ages the Old Town had become so dilapidated that it was nearly abandoned.  Gamla Stan was rebuilt during the Great Power era and further restored in the 1980s to its current photogenic state.


Looking out from Gamla Stan towards Skepsholmen.

Eating and drinking: the linked cafes of Chokladkoppen and Kaffekoppen on Stortorget are ideal for a bite to eat or drink while watching the world go by and the prices are surprisingly reasonable.

Stockholm I – the Old Town