Pictures from a couple of trips to the coast north and south of the mouth of the Tyne.  Plus pictures from the Miner’s Gala and the Angel of the North.

July: South


Beach at South Shields [55 0 2 N, 1 24 54 W].  Not exactly a classy place, but the beach is large and clean, with plenty to go around.


The south wall of Tynemouth harbour.

SouthShieldsAngel SouthShieldsAngel2

The Angel of the North is a massive steel sculpture (reflecting the industrial heritage of the  region) which overlooks the A1 on the way north into Tyneside.  Although initially controversial as a piece of publicly-funded art, the statue has become a symbol of the region and an icon for the regeneration of Gateshead.

DurhamGala DurhamGalaBand2

A couple of pictures from the Miner’s Gala which was on the same day. A major political event in the days when mining was strong, the Miner’s Gala is now just a reminder of earlier times.

August: North

TynemouthCastle TynemouthCastle2

The castle at Tynemouth [55 1 3 N, 1 25 11 W].  Like many other places, the north is the more upmarket side of the river.

StMarysLighthouse2 StMarysLighthouse

St. Mary’s Lighthouse to the north of Tynemouth.  This must have been close to the peak of the tide, since the island is normally accessible by a causeway which here is disappearing into the sea.

Coast + Miner’s Gala