Pictures from a weekend away (ODL) on the Northumberland coast at the Tackroom bunkhouse, Beadnell in early September.

BamburghCoast2 BamburghCoast

The coast at Bamburgh – magnificent and almost deserted beaches.  OK, the sea would be very chilly!


Bamburgh Castle.  In the 7th century Northumbria was one of the most powerful of the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

BamburghStAidans BamburghStAidans2

St. Aidan’s church, Bamburgh.  Aidan was an Irish missionary who played a major part in the restoration of Christianity (in its Celtic form) in Northumbria during the 7th century.  Note the odd sight of a set of armour hanging on the wall next to the altar!


Cenotaph commemorating Grace Darling in the churchyard of St. Aidan’s, Bamburgh.  She became a Victorian heroine for her part in rescuing survivors from the wreck of the SS Forfarshire in 1838. She died four years later of tuberculosis at the early age of 26.


View across the tidal island of Lindisfarne towards the Castle. Aidan chose Lindisfarne, often termed Holy Island, as his base when he arrived in 635.


The remains of Lindisfarne priory.


Lindisfarne Castle (National Trust) was built in the 1550s using stone from the Priory following its dissolution under Henry VII.


The Pilgrim’s Way, marked by posts, is an older crossing way to the island than the road causeway, but is viable for a shorter period around low tide.


Group photo.

Bamburgh & Lindisfarne