Pictures from a couple of walks in woodland keeping an eye out for interesting fungi.


ChopwellTrees2 ChopwellGlade

Pictures from Chopwell Wood.


The classic “toadstool” – a young fly agaric.


Kepier Farm, following the River Wear out of Durham.  The gatehouse is the remains of Kepier Hospital established in 1153 to care for the poor and provide hospitality to visiting pilgrims.


Rowan trees on the river bank.  Much of the sandstone for the cathredral was quarried from the river banks in this area.


Unidentified fungus.  These small mushrooms all look pretty much the same!

WearRootFomes WearRootFomes2

A strange and distinctive fungus – root fomes, Heterobasidion annosum.  Unlike the vast majority of fungi, the fruiting body is extremely hard and woodlike, with a white underside and a dark brown crust-like top.


An earth ball.

Autumn Woods