Continuing to catch up with the backlog, a set of pictures from Holystone woods taken in early October.  The original plan had been to visit to Cragside (below), but ths ite was closed due to high winds.  Closing the grounds seemed fair enough, but not allowing visitors to the house because it was a bit windy seemed very overcautious (no doubt “health and safety” back covering).


The closest we got to Cragside, before deciding to go to Holystone.

WoodsRoad WoodsTree

As per the comments above, the area was very pleasant, but the major (Red) trail badly needs maintenance!


The beechwood sickener.  Not as nasty as its name and lurid colour suggest, but inedible nonetheless.


A strange fungus that I haven’t been able to identify despite its distinctive form, resembling a coarse powder.  It seems too “granular” to be a coral-type fungus.


A pretty example of a common inkcap between its dull early stage and its blackened late stage.

WoodsOrangeFungus WoodsOrangeFungus2


WoodsBirchPolypore WoodsPolypore WoodsPolypores

Collection of polypores.

Holystone Woods