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Pictures from a weekend (ODL) in Northumberland.  Torrential rain had flooded roads, and the Coquet river was in full flood, making the road up to the Barrowburn camping barn impassable.


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Wet and wild Northumberland

The final set of pictures is from Skansen, an open air museum on the island of Djurgården dedicated to traditional pre-industrial life in Sweden.  Like the local Beamish museum, it features reconstructed buildings and period-dressed “interpreters”.  As it was off-season only a small number of the exhibits were open and staffed, and the entrance free was much reduced.


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A slightly loose collection vaguely themed on other areas of Stockholm and transport.  First a little tour beginning at Kungsträdgården.


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A set of pictures from some of Stockholm’s many magnificent museums


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An interlude from the Stockholm pictures – a collection of pictures from some day walks (ODL) in the North-East.


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The first of a series of photo sets from a few days in Stockholm either side of a small conference outside of Stockholm.  This first set is based around the historic heart of the city, Gamla Stan (the Old Town).


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