Clearing the backlog from weekends in October 09: Cow Green and Cauldron Snout (EH, 4 Oct), Lambley Viaduct (11 Oct, ODL), Westerdale and Blakey Ridge (18 Oct, ODL)



View from the footbridge [54 55 10 N, 2 30 32 W] across the South Tyne.


View of the old railway viaduct, which was part of the Alston branch of Newcastle and Carlisle railway until its closure in 1976.

LambleyViaductView2 LambleyViaductView

Views from the top of the viaduct.


Walking back along the old trackway towards the car park next to the old Coanwood station.

CowGreen2 CowGreen

Views of Cow Green reservoir [54 40 5 N, 2 18 30 W].

CowGreenCauldronSnout2 CowGreenCauldronSnout

Cauldron Snout is an impressive waterfall just below the dam of the reservoir.

NYMpanorama NYMwalkers

Pictures from the Westerdale / Blakey Ridge walk.


Approaching the Red Lion [43 23 18 N, 0 57 22 W] on Blakey Ridge.


Shaggy inkcaps, with younger specimens in background and an older example in the foreground on its way to turning into a black gooey mess.

Lambley Viaduct, Cow Green and Blakey Ridge