Pictures from a 3 week stay in Lyon as part of research leave (“sabbatical”) during the 1st term of the 2009-10 academic year.


View from the Residence Villemanzy (21 montée St. Sébastien) [45 46 21 N, 4 50 8 E] on a foggy morning in mid November.  This “residential hotel” had a new owner and had been thoroughly refurbished since my last stay two years ago.  At 58 € a night for a longer stay, it was pretty good value.


View at night looking over the river Saône.

This was a good excuse to further explore the steep slopes (“pentes”) of the Croix-Rousse quartier:

LyonMontee 1

Rue Grognard [45 46 24 N, 4 50 9 E].


Place Colbert [45 46 20 N, 4 50 5 E].


Passage Donat [45 46 13 N, 4 50 0 E].


Montée de la Grande Côte.

LyonCourdesVoraces 1

La cour des voraces (see here for more background from a previous visit).



LyonStJeanCourtyard2 LyonStJeanCourtyard

Courtyards in the old St. Jean quartier (“Vieux Lyon”).


View of the Saône.


Desk area of the lab I was working from, the Centre de Résonance Magnétique Nucleaire a très hauts champs.

The lab was much larger than when I postdoc’d in Lyon, but that was over 10 years ago now!

Lyon 1GHz LyonSpectrometers

Spectrometers, including the worlds first NMR spectrometer operating at 1 GHz (1H NMR frequency).


A lot of liquid nitrogen!

Lyon 2009