The last weeks of December and the first weeks of January brought a spell of freezing weather with almost daily snowfalls.  The winter of 2009-10 was the coldest since 1978-79.


Tenter Terrace became impassable for over a week (not that stopped some drivers trying their luck and getting stuck).  So it was out with the walking boots to trek into work!


FreezeCathedral3 FreezeCathedral

Views of the Cathedral in the snow.


The Cathedral cloisters.


Christmas tree in the Cathedral.


“Cardiac Hill” in the snow.  The nickname of this route from the Science site to the Biology / Psychology departments comes from the heart-pumping effort needed to climb the steep slope (especially if late for a lecture…).


Durham High Wood in the snow.


South Street in the snow.


The bend of the river Wear on 1st Jan.

FreezeSnowonWear FreezeRiver2

L By the 9th Jan, this part of the river had completely frozen over, leading to the strange sight of snow on top of a river!  R North of the Milburngate bridge, the ice sheet only extended as far as the weir.


The ice had already softened and begun to melt on Jan 10th.

The Big Freeze