A pair of unrelated photosets: the first from Chevin Forest Park near Otley, the second from a walk (ODL) from the North Yorkshire village of Swainby.


View from the escarpment [53 53 37 N, 1 41 28 W] overlooking Chevin Park north towards Otley.



Probably a common Birch polypore, Piptoporus betulinus.


Slightly out of place – the Waterstone’s in Bradford, housed in the old Wool Exchange.  With increased competition from online retailers and supermarkets, bookshops have struggled to survive; Waterstone’s is now the only major dedicated UK bookseller.

SwainbyStore SwainbyChurch

Village shop and parish church at Swainby [54 24 42 N, 1 16 12 W].  This is not the only Swainby in the area, and the name probably comes from Old Norse for “Young men’s farm [swain] / settlements [by]”, reflecting Viking settlement in the North East.

SwainbyWhorltonChurch SwainbyOldWhorltonChurch

The remains of Holy Cross Old Church at Whorlton, just up the road from Swainby.   The church was abandoned in favour of the new church at Swainby in 1875, but the chancel (glimpsed out of focus here!) is still occasionally used for services.

Chevin Forest Park and Swainby