A set of photos from Warkworth castle [55 20 43 N, 1 36 43 W] and the surrounding area (May 2010).

WarkworthView2 WarkworthYard

Views from the outer bailey.  Somewhat unusually, the outer bailey is separated from the keep by a tunnel underneath the remains of a partially constructed constructed church.


The Lion Tower, with the crest of the Percys, dukes of Northumberland.

WarkworthView WarkworthTown

L View east from the keep towards the mouth of the River CoquetR View north towards the charming town of Warkworth.


Harbour of Amble [55 20 16 N, 1 34 32 W].  Nice harbour, but that’s about it…

Dungeness DungenessDragonsTeeth

L Beach at Druridge Bay [55 17 6 N, 1 34 8 W], a long, broad expanse of beach immediately south of Amble.  Like most of Northumberland’s beaches, it was almost deserted.

R Anti-tank concrete blocks on the beach, laid during World War II as an obstacle to German invasion.