The first of 3 photosets from a conference visit to Florence in early July.  This set has an approximate “secular” theme…


Statue of Cosimo I de’ Medici in the Piazza della Segnoria [43 46 10 N, 11 15 19 E].


Statues in the Piazza della Segnoria.

PalazzoVecchio PalazzoVecchioEntrance

The Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace).  The statue to the left of the entrance is a replica of the Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of David (the original is now in the Accademia Gallery).


Interior of the Palazzo Vecchio.


Interior view of the Palazzo Strozzi.


Courtyard of the Bargello – less famous the than Uffizi, but having a sizeable collection of sculpture, including Donatello’s strikingly camp David.


A rather ornate lamp holder in the Bargello!


Bust of Cosimo de’ Medici, the youthful good looks belying a ruthless political operator.


Why decorate a cannon with a representation of St. Paul?


View of the Ponte Santa Trinita in the evening [43 46 11 N, 11 15 3 E].


The extraordinary Santa Maria Novella perfumery – partly museum, partly shop – tucked away out of sight and the heat of the streets.

Florence I

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