The first batch of photos from a long weekend in Northumberland, based in the village of Belford [55 35 56 N, 1 49 46 W].


The beach at Alnmouth [55 23 19 N, 1 36 16 W], a picturesque village on the coast at the estuary of the river Aln.


Rather oddly for a tiny village, Alnmouth has two beach-front golf courses!  This is the smaller Alnmouth Village golf course.


Refuge box on the Pilgrim’s Way [55 40 64 N, 1 51 33 W] across the sands to the tidal island of Lindisfarne (Holy Island).  While the road causeway is open for a number of hours either side of low tide, this more direct pedestrian is only really passable at the bottom of the tide – even so feet are likely to get wet!


View across the sands from the refuge box.


View back across Lindisfarne from the walls of the Castle (although “fort” would be a more accurate description).


Doorway decoration on houses on Lindisfarne island.


View from next to the Priory towards the Castle.


Side chapel in St. Aidan’s church, Bamburgh.


Memorial to St. Aidan, bishop of Lindisfarne and missionary to Northumbria, marking the place where he is reckoned to have died, leaning against a pillar of the church, in 651.

BelfordHotel BelfordSquare

View of our “hotel”, the very pleasant Blue Bell Hotel, and the village square.

Northumberland I