A final set of images based around Florence’s many magnificent churches.


The ceiling of the Baptistery [43 46 24 N, 11 15 18 E].  All (Catholic) Florentines were baptised in this building up until the end of the 19th century.


View of the cathedral (the Duomo) with the Baptistery in front.

DuomoCeiling2 DuomoCeiling

The magnificent frescos of the Last Judgement on the ceiling of the dome. They took 11 years to complete! Note the trompe l’oeil at the centre.


Climbing up between the inner and outer domes – a remarkable piece of engineering by any standards, and extraordinary for the early 15th century.

DuomoDomeView2 DuomoDomeView

Views over Florence from the viewing gallery at the top of the dome.


The church of Santa Maria Novella [43 46 27 N, 11 14 58 E].

LaurentianLibrary2 LaurentianLibrary

The Laurentian Library, next door to Santa Maria Novella, holds a number of valuable manuscripts, including the Codex Amiatinus, which was produced not far from Durham in the monastery of Wearmouth-Jarrow.  Unfortunately the holdings are not publicly accessible.

Florence III