The first of three posts from a short trip to Rio de Janiero in mid July for a workshop.

Tourism Day 1 (pre workshop)


Statue in Praça XV [22 54 12 S, 43 10 29 W], which refers to the deposition of the Emperor of Brazil on 15 November 1889 by the military and the declaration of a republic – part of long history of history of complex relations between civil and military powers in South America.


The streets of downtown Rio are pretty quiet on a weekend (Sunday), and not in a particularly good way.  Note the “mosaic” pavements, which just like those in the home country of Portugal take a lot of looking after to stay in good condition!


Gallery dedicated to native cultures in the small, but perfectly formed, National Historical Museum of Brazil.

MuseumCarriages MuseumEarlyCar

Carriages and an early car from the transport section.

MuseumEarlyCoins MuseumEnglishCoins

The extensive coin collections include some very early coinage (left) [coins 2 and 3, for example, are from the the kingdom in Lydia in about the 5th-6th century B.C] and some early English coins (right) [23 is a groat from the reign of Edward III].


RioCathedral RioCathedral2

The striking cathedral of Rio, São Sebastião.


Copacabana beach at dusk. The hotel was close to the Leme end of the beach – a fine location for sight-seeing, but it meant that getting to and from the University involved negotiating Rio’s terrible rush hour traffic.

Rio I