Tourism day 2 (post workshop)

JardimFountain JardimGrounds

Braving Rio’s complex bus system with my non-existent Portuguese, I spent the morning and lunch time at magnificent Jardim Botânico.


Turtle Island!  A home for stray turtles.

JardimPond JardimGiantBamboo


JardimCloseup JardimOrchids


Ipanema Beach [22 59 14 S, 43 12 13 W], rather than Copacabana, is the place to be seen these days.

PointSeaView PointCoastView

Views from the headland of Arpoador [22 59 25 S, 43 11 28 W], which divides the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.


Sand sculpture on Copacabana.

Rio II