A sizeable set of photos from an August walk (ODL) in the North Yorks Moors, in perfect conditions for both walking and picture taking.


MoorsValley MoorsSheep

MoorsRoad2 MoorsRoad

The roads over the moors are quite picturesque in late summer, with the heather in full bloom.  It’s a different story in the winter!


Traditional village green, complete with geese, at Ainthorpe [54 27 49 N, 0 54 47 W].


It’s probably a long time since a horse-drawn vehicle last past this way!

RosedaleParasol DryadsSaddle

A pair of interesting fungi.  (L) An immature parasol (or shaggy parasol) mushroom.  (R) the intriguing Dryad’s saddle.

MoorsValley2 RosedaleRoadSigns

The curiously named Great Fryup dale is thought to be named after the Norse goddess Freyja.

MoorsView RosedaleGroup


Looking towards the head of Fryup dale.


Rowan tree.


Stream stained orange by ironstone.  Ironstone deposits in area, amongst other minerals, were once heavily mined.


Looking back towards Fryup dale.

RosedaleRailwayEmbankment RosedaleRailwayPath


Following the route of the old Rosedale branch line (closed in 1925).


Looking down Rosedale valley from the railway embankment [54 24 3 N, 0 57 11 W].

BlakeyRedLionView BlakeyRedLion

Final destination – the Red Lion on Blakey Ridge!

Fryup Dale and Rosedale