Télécabine from hamlet of Le Tour [46 0 10 N, 6 56 42 E], a short (free) bus ride up the valley from Chamonix.

AiguillesRouges AiguillesRouges2

Views from the top of the lift (at Charamillon) [1912 m] towards the Aiguilles rouges.


Signpost with directions to the different ski slopes.

ColdeBalme TowardsCroixdeFer

(L) Looking towards Switzerland at Col de Balme (2191 m) and (R) the daunting path towards Croix de Fer.  The col lies on the French / Swiss border.

ColdeBalmeBack2 ColdeBalmeBack

Looking back towards Col de Balme from the path towards Tête de Balme / Croix de Fer.


Warning sign at the start of the path across the ridge to Croix de Fer!


Looking back along the path.  Although not quite as perilous as the sign might suggest, the narrowness of the path and the drops to either side kept the adrenaline levels up!


View from Croix de Fer (2343 m)  [46 2 11 N, 6 58 34 E] towards the remarkably flat Rhône valley.

TetedeBalme LacEmosson

(L) The strangely shaped Tête de Balme (2321 m). (R) View towards the lac d’Emosson reservoir in Switzerland.


This particular cow was not happy when approached for a close up and started approaching horns lowered.  I didn’t press the point.


A large and pretty cricket type thing with freshly deposited insect poo.


Relaxing back on the deserted deck of the Charamillon “refuge”.


We were just able to catch the last train up to Montenvers and take the short télécabine down towards the Mer de Glace.  Each year a fresh ice cave is carved out into the front of the glacier, but with its steady retreat, the steps down have to be extended further each year.

MerdeGlaceInterior MerdeGlaceInteriorJ

Inside the glacier.


Looking back out.


Crystals from the small, rather downbeat gallery at Montenvers.


The Montenvers Hotel – a classic turn of the (19th) century French hotel, now used as restaurant for special functions.

Chamonix III