A few pictures from day trips to Halifax and the North York Moors


The Old Arcade [53 43 23 N, 1 51 35 W], Halifax. Despite being a quintessential Northern ex-mill town, Halifax has a nicely preserved centre, which seems to have escaped the clutches of the 60s and 70s urban planners that so mangled the centres of neighbouring cities such as Bradford and Leeds.


The Piece Hall in Halifax.  Built in 1779 so that artisans could trade their cloth (pieces), the Piece Hall soon fell into decline with the development of industrial cloth production during the Industrial Revolution.


Second-hand book shop in the Piece Hall.


Painting of New Bank, Halifax in 1946 – a different era with the skies blackened by chimney smoke from the factories.


WithinsTop WithinsTrack2

Pictures approaching, at and leaving Top Withins [53 48 53 N, 2 1 47 W] on a walk from Haworth. Although commonly associated with Wuthering Heights, the ruined farmhouse dates from the wrong period as a plaque on the wall somewhat wearily explains.

SaltburnPierAbove SaltburnPierBelow

Pictures above and below the pier at Saltburn-by-the-Sea [54 35 10 N, 0 58 15 W].

NotsoSmallest NotsoSmallest2

Although St Andrew’s, Upleatham [54 33 56 N, 1 0 58 W] is often claimed to be the smallest church in England that honour belongs to Bremilham in Wiltshire.  The picture on the right shows that the current rather mis-shapen building is the remains of a larger original.

GoathlandStation GoathlandStation2

The station at Grosmont on the North Yorkshire Moors (heritage) Railway.


Locomotive under coal hopper.


It’s intriguing how this American lomomotive ended up in North Yorkshire!


A nice, if rather algal stained, example of a hoof fungus.


Evening sun by the tiny hamlet of ?


The quaint village of Beck Hole, tucked away in the valley, was once on the Whitby-Pickering line before a deviation moved the line above the village to avoid a notorious incline.

Halifax, Saltburn and Grosmont