Studley Park


Some pictures from Studley Royal Park at Easter, here just at the entrance [54 7 31 N, 1 33 25 W] in the quaint village of Studley Roger, looking back towards Ripon Cathedral.


The Valley of the Seven Bridges was landscaped in the 18th C, and contains a series of small bridges criss-crossing the River Skell.

StudleyTwistyTrees StudleyBluebells

Twisty trees and bluebells.


This year was particularly good for blossom – here at home in Thirsk.



CanalMarsden CanalMuseum

Pictures from the Huddersfield Narrow Canal at Marsden [53 36 11 N, 1 55 54 W], close to the entrance to the Standedge Tunnel. The Standedge tunnel crosses the Pennines and is the longest and highest canal tunnel in the country. Built without a towpath, the narrowboats had to be “legged” for its 5 km length. Like most of the canal network, it fell into disrepair with the development of the railways, but was restored and reopened in 2001.


Cupwith reservoir [53 37 28 N, 1 56 25 W] in the moors above Marsden.


Looking down from Scammonden bridge over the M62. The motorway is carried on the dam of Scammonden reservoir just visible on the right (the village of Scammonden was flooded to make way for the reservoir). This striking bridge was the longest single span concrete bridge when it was built in the 1960s.


Walking back towards Marsden. The double stone walls on the hill opposite are suggestive of an old drovers’ road. The smoke in the background turned out to be from a fire in an Oxfam depot in Huddersfield.

Studley Park and Marsden