Ryhope pumping engine


The Ryhope pumping station is a former water pumping station that is now maintained by volunteers and put into action on a limited number of “steaming days” through the year. The picture above shows the enormous “Lancashire boilers” used to provide the steam.


Valves at the top of the piston. These can be driven manually e.g. to start the engine.


The pumping engine beams had these curious meters which were clocking up the number of beam swings.


The forge.

RyhopeMap2 RyhopeMap

These enormous maps were presumably used at large shareholder meetings before the days of individual information packs!


A detour via Seaham and its rather depressing harbour.



ThirskChuchDoor ThirskChuch

Pictures from St. Mary’s, the parish church of the North Yorkshire market town of Thirsk. The old church door was particularly striking – its smallĀ  inner door allows the warden to enter and exit once the main door is bolted.


Kitchen from the tiny, and very quaint Thirsk Museum. The suspended chair at the top left is theĀ  “haunted” Busby Stoop chair.

ThirskHerriotDisp2 ThirskHerriotDisp

The dispensary at the World of James Herriot, a museum / tourist attraction which is based in the former surgery of vet Alf Wight, who is better known under his name of James Herriot.


A very un-PC letter from Alf Wight’s publisher!


The picturesque village of Sowerby merges into Thirsk – St Oswald‘s is its parish church.

Ryhope & Thirsk