A somewhat random collection from weekends in August.

Hepworth Gallery


The recently opened Hepworth contemporary art gallery in Wakefield (or formally the Hepworth Wakefield) is one of the largest art galleries outside London. Its permanent exhibitions highlight the work of modernist sculpture Barbara Hepworth. Not to everybody’s taste, her monumental sculptures are particularly appreciated by metal thieves (although the council involved in this case may be less upset if and when they receive the insurance payout).

HepworthBoatLift HepworthFisherman

(L) Canal boat lifted out of the Calder (which is part of the Calder and Hebble Navigation at this point). (R) Fisherman in the Calder (figure in bottom right!).

Finchale Priory


FinchaleRuins FinchaleCloisters

Pictures of Finchale Priory taken on a nicer day than those in the original Hexham and Finchale post.

Skipton Castle

SkiptonCastleExterior SkiptonCastleGatehouse smaller

Skipton Castle is a well preserved castle in the centre of the North Yorkshire market town of Skipton.

SkiptonCastleYew SkiptonCastleSlighting

(L) This magnificent yew was planted in the central courtyard by Lady Anne Clifford to mark the restoration of the castle following a three year siege (1642-5) by Cromwell’s forces during the English Civil War. (R) As part of the surrender agreement, the castle was “slighted” to prevent its further use as defensive stronghold. The thinning of originally massive walls can be seen on the right.

SkiptonCastleHall SkiptonCastleDungeon

(L) The great hall and (R) the dungeon entrance!

SkiptonCastleWalkway SkiptonPond

Walking north of the castle into Skipton Woods, along the course of the Thanet canal (a short branch off the Leeds & Liverpool).

Golden Acre Park


Pictures from Golden Acre Park, north of Leeds. Based on information about imminent fungal forays we reckoned this would be a good place for interesting fungi.

GAPBonnets GAPFlyAgaric

(L) Probably Fairies’ Inkcap / Bonnets, Coprinus disseminatus. (R) The unmistakable Fly Agaric, Amanita muscaria.

GAPJellyEar GAPSlimey

(L) The distinctive Jelly or Jew’s Ear fungus, Auricularia auricula-judae. It is supposed to be edible, but more popular in Chinese rather than Western cooking… (R) Pretty, but otherwise unexciting, fungus, of the kind that end up in the back of fungus books.


A pair of Larch Boletes, of which there dozens growing under what were presumably larches. The Larch Bolete, Suillus grevillei, is edible, but it absorbs water like a sponge and like most of the Suillus genus it is not particularly good eating.

Shipley Glen


The tramway in action up Shipley Glen near Saltaire. It used to provide access to an amusement park (long since closed) at the top of Shipley Glen, but is now run and maintained by volunteers.

August 2011 Randoms