Pictures from a third visit to the Beamish museum in early September for their Power in the Past event.


A rather peculiar two-person bicycle where the two riders drive a wheel each – not sure how well this would work!


A 1938 MG.

BeamishCrusher BeamishEngine

Traction engines: (L) driving a stone crusher.


Traction engines driving lethal wood saws!

BeamishLocomotion BeamishLocomotive

Replica classic locomotives on the Pockerley Waggonway including (L) Locomotion No. 1, which was the first locomotive to pull a passenger train.


Restored railway locomotive ‘Teddy’ built by Peckett and Sons.


Chicken at Home Farm, a restored Victorian farmstead which is one of the few original buildings on the site.


An orange club fungus (of which there are several very similar-looking species).

Beamish III