Pictures from trips out into the mountains during the Alpine NMR Conference, Chamonix in September last year.

ChamonixFloria2 ChamonixFloria

The aptly named Chalet Floria, although being 1000 m above Chamonix (1036 m), this afternoon visit was harder work than anticipated!

ChamonixPlanPraz ChamonixMontBlancfromPlanPraz

(L) The Planpraz cable car station, part way up (1999 m) the north side of the Chamonix valley. (R) View towards Mont Blanc from Planpraz.


Taking the next leg of the cable car up to le Brévent (2525 m) opens up views of the almost deserted regions to the north of the Chamonix valley, here looking towards the Rochers des Fiz.


Although it made most sense to walk down to Planpraz from Brévent, this short stretch of ladder and cable was awkward in descent!


Back in the Chamonix valley, looking over Planpraz towards the Aiguille des Drus.


Not flying back immediately after the conference and having an evening flight from Geneva, gave us a free day to explore.  After taking the lifts to L’Index (2385 m), we climbed to the top of the Col de la Glière. Fortunately the final climb over the top, marked on the route map as “dangerous”, turned out to be a straightforward section of cableway rather than the nasty scramble it appeared from a distance. Note the paraglider!

ChamonixLacCornu ChamonixLacCornu2

Views of Lac Cornu (2276 m).

ChamonixPlanPrazView ChamonixParaglider 1

(L) Arriving back at Planpraz looking over towards Mont Blanc. (R) A paraglider about to lift off.


We stayed at the Balcons du Savoy, a “residence hotel” obviously designed for large ski parties but providing a cost-effective alternative to a pair of hotel rooms.

Chamonix 2011