Pictures from a long weekend in Scarborough in mid October.


View along the Spa Bridge towards the Grand Hotel. Opened in 1867, the Grand Hotel was one of Europe’s first large-scale hotels, with 365 rooms (one for each day of the year). Now it caters for a budget market and is not the grand hotel it was once was.

ScarboroughHarbour ScarboroughHarbourGun

Boats in the harbour (with the castle visible on the skyline of the promontory) and (R) a WW1 era gun recovered from a torpedoed cargo ship.

ScarboroughSouthBay ScarboroughNorthBay

The (L) South and (R) North bays either side of the castle promontory.


The keep of the castle was ruined by cannon fire during the siege of the castle by Parliamentary forces in 1645.


The Spa, whose waters were discovered and developed in the 17th C, was the original focus of Scarborough’s tourist industry.


Level crossing on the North Yorks Moors heritage railway.


It turned out to be a 1940s weekend on the railway, with astonishing numbers of people milling around in 1940s costume. Here Levisham station had become Le Visham station in Nazi-occupied France (ho ho).


Fantastic 15th C murals in the parish church of Pickering (end-point of the NYM railway).