November saw the 2nd edition of the LUMIERE light festival first run in 2009. The event has been somewhat a victim of its own success with huge crowds saturating the narrow streets of Durham; sadly it is not clear whether it will run again.


The statue of Lord Londonderry in the market place enclosed in a snow dome. Essentially the same artwork was on display in Lyon in 2007, except with the title “I love Lyon”!

LumiereWalk LumierePlenum

(L) Hartmann Grid – more interesting from a distance than close up. (R) The fascinating Plenum, projected on the tower of St. Oswald’s.


The wonderful Crown of Light, telling the story of Durham cathedral in a vast son et lumière projected onto the north face of the cathedral.


But the most stunning sight was the cathedral nave filled with candle-illuminated vests (representing miners’ vests).

LumiereCloisters LumiereMechanical

More displays by the clearly borderline pyromaniac Compagnie Carabosse in the cathedral cloisters and close.

LumiereFlyingMan LumierePeople

The ethereal illuminated figures of Les Voyageurs (Cedric Le Borgne).