Pictures from a long weekend in the market town of Pickering at the beginning of April.


Cosy looking pub in the tiny village of Lastingham.

LastinghamChurch LastinghamCrypt

St Mary’s, Lastingham and (R) its Norman crypt. The church was built on the site of an Anglo-Saxon monastery founded in the 7th C by Cedd.

Daffs Daffs2

Farndale is famous for its show of wild daffodils, distinguishable from cultivated daffodils by their short stems.

DaffsChurch DaffsChurchInt

St Mary’s Farndale.


The picturesque village of Hutton-le-Hole.

RyedaleMuseum RyedalePharmacy

Pictures from the Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton-le-Hole.

NYMR Pickering TileMap

(L) Pickering station is the southern terminus of the North York Moors railway. (R) Splendid tiled map dating from ~1910 showing the railways in North-East England at about the peak of their coverage.

NewtondaleHalt Newtondale

Walking up from the remote stop of Newtondale Halt.


The Hole of Horcum is an odd-looking depression, forming a wide amphitheatre.


Towards the end 0f the walk at the village of Levisham, before walking down to the Levisham railway station.


The ruins of Pickering Castle.

RievaulxAbbey RievaulxAbbey2

A couple of pictures (in rather grey weather) of the former Cistercian monastery of Rievaulx.