4th July

View of the Col de Larche (French name) or Colle della Maddalena (Italian name) , 1996 m.  


(L) Following the track on the south side of the Col de Larche up the Luazanier valley in the Mercantour National Park. (R) The final destination, the Lac du Lauzanier (source of the Ubayette). The weather was quite poor at this point – the picture was taken while sheltering from the rain in a small chapel close to the lake. 


The highlight of the walk was definitely the abundant marmots, Marmota marmota.  


(L) Scruffy looking marmot. (R) Scuffling marmots!

5th July

The Refuge de la Pare – a relatively short, but quite strenuous walk from close to the gîte. In spite of initial signs to contrary, food was thankfully available.


Alpine flowers.

7th July

Last view of the interior of the gîte as we were preparing to leave :(.

The flight back from Nice was in the evening, giving us the day to make our way back. The locals were quite insistent that we should return via the spectacular (if twisty) col de la Bonette rather than the longer, but more straightforward route via Digne-les-Bains.


Vintage car and bikers at the highest point of the road, 2802 m. Although claimed to be “the highest road in Europe”, this section is really an additional (spectacularly) scenic loop rather than a through road – the actual pass is much lower at 2715 m. 


Views from the Cime de la Bonette (2860 m). The true pass can be seen on the (R) as a small cut-through linking the roads arriving from either side.


(L) Houses and (R) church in the charming village of St. Sauveur sur Tinée, a final rest-stop before arriving in Nice.

Barcelonnette II