6th July


Taking the télésiège from Sauze to the higher level ski station of Super Sauze.

List of walks from Super Sauze in the form of a menu!


(L) Woodland and (R) flowers on a gentle walk between Super Sauze and La Rente.


There were butterflies everywhere!


(L) Clock tower and (R) street in the tiny historic village (the oldest in the Ubaye valley) of Faucon-de-Barcelonnette, just east of Barcelonnette.


(L) Exterior and (R) interior of the Église St-Étienne at Faucon. Note the interesting heater on the right.

Sundial on the wall of the church.

The tiny chapel of St Antoine in the upper Ubaye valley. Note again the separate bell / clock tower.


Views (L) of and (R) from the astonishing Pont Châtelet, just down from St Antoine, which was built in 1822 across a deep gorge of the Ubaye.

This dog had a habit of calling in on an evening, no doubt in the hope of some tasty treats. It was hard to resist such a well behaved dog.

Barcelonnette III