Pictures from a conference trip to the States in mid-July.

Inlet at Stony Brook  on Long Island, while visiting the lab in which an ex-student was working. Long Island by the way is really long, 118 miles (190 km), so while JFK airport (as well as La Guardia) is also on Long Island, it took some hours to get from the airport to Stony Brook.

The resort at Copper Mountain. Although primarily a ski station, plenty of shops and restaurants were open in the summer season, catering for the conference trade. There was no sign of snow despite the height (~3000 m).

Taking the one running ski lift up on to the mountain. Handily spending $10 in any of the resort commerces was sufficient for a free ride.


Views from the mountain. (L) The trace of the I-70 can be seen cutting across the Rocky Mountains (Copper Mountain lies on the west of the divide, Denver, and its airport, is to the east).

On the flight from Denver back to New York.

Times Square, New York, more of stretch of wide road than a square!

Spot the construction workers on the new addition to the New York skyline!

A rather grey and deserted Central Park.

The Lego store at the Rockefeller Center.


The iconic Brooklyn Bridge.


The equally iconic Grand Central Station or, more correctly, Grand Central Terminal.


Very American street views!


(L) One World Trade Center under construction. (R) View across New York harbour towards the Statue of Liberty.

Copper Mountain & New York